Refer a friend. Get $500 or a free month of Tock.

What is it?

Know of a winery, bar, or restaurant that would benefit from the ability to highlight their unique experiences, seat more guests, and offer world-class hospitality?

Introduce them to us.

We'll give you $500 or a free month of Tock (your choice) after your referral has used Tock Plus or Pro for three months. Tock Intro referrals are not eligible for a referral bonus.

What's even better, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit.


Who is eligible?

Tock customers, partners, friends, consultants, and agencies. Basically, everyone outside of Tock employees.


What next? 

When you have someone in mind, submit some basic info through the form on this page. 

Our Outreach team will politely get in touch and let them know that you referred them, unless you have already sent an introductory email. If they are a good fit, we'll walk them through a demo of Tock.

Once they've been live on Tock Plus or Tock Pro for three months, you get paid. Pretty good ROI for filling out a single form. 

Have questions? Write us at